Dec 21, 2015


Nature is everywhere.
It is wherever we look,
At each place we see,
Even in a book.

Trees and flowers, cacti and mountains.
Nature is beautiful, it warms our hearts with joy.
From everything I know, nature can help us with stuff.
I bet everybody knows this, even little boys.

I certainly like nature.
It is a beautiful thing.
Nature can make you happy
It makes you feel like a true king.

We have to be careful with nature.
Because it may fall apart.
Leaving us with nothing.
Nothing, except for our heart.

By Zoe


Dec 19, 2015


Hi! Sorry I haven't been writing a lot on my blog but, right now I'm going to write about my Year 4 camp and my scout camp.

Year 4 Camp

Day 1

I felt really excited and nervous on the first day of camp because I have never been away from my family for one day, let alone two! My mom and dad came to the bus stop with me to say bye and I was really sad! Once we got to school we had to put our luggage in the gym ( We are also going with 4V)

Our luggage ( 4S is on the right and 4V is on the left also, I'm in 4S)

We got on the bus to Cheung Chau and I sat next to my best friends and once we got to the ferry I had a secret lollipop to make sure I wouldn't get sea sick!

Anyways, on the way to the campsite we had a sandcastle competition and this is the picture. We also did a scavenger hunt and my team won for that one!

Once we did get to our camp site ( The Salvation Army Bradbury Camp) we made our beds and had dinner. I loved the dinner! It was tomato soup and it was so delicious!

Day 2

During day 2 of year 4 camp we were working with the T.I.G (Treasure Island Group) and my group did the beach activities first! We played Beach Fury and I got 3rd place! We played some other games and then we went to do rock climbing!

We then went to the foyer and got our pack sandwiches and there was a candy bar and a chip bag inside! I had a ham sandwich but I realized that there was butter in it! Also, when we were eating, one of my friends saw that Mr. Benny (our physical education teacher) had put his chips inside his sandwich. So she went to tell him that and then told another teacher and he said that he also had chips in his sandwich! Then she went and told our V.P and he disappointed her by saying "I also sometimes put chips in my sandwiches, girls". Then we just laughed!

 We had more activities such as making smore's, a night walk and a navigation activity.

We also went to this Indian-Thai restaurant and we had lots of good food and we had quite a lot of fun telling riddles.

Day 3

On the last day of camp we woke up then we had some free time then it was time to go shopping! For my mom and brother I bought this type of bracelet that had their name carved on and for my dad, a cute little turtle I also got my auntie a bracelet although it wasn't the same one as my mom and brother. It was a rope bracelet.

Anyways, once we were all done shopping we ate our lunch and got on the ferry and then we went back to school where we waited for our parents. But some people, like me, wanted to do their after school activities. So we waited for the bell to ring and went of to our activities. So I did my netball and blah blah blah blah. Then my mum came to pick me up to go home where my family gave me a BIG hug!

 Cub Scout Camp

Day 1

When we were waiting for our bus to Sai Kung, me and my friends were playing on the AstroTurf doing cartwheels and running around. Then it started raining really hard and we all had to go inside to get our raincoats on because our bus had arrived. I sat next to Helen (a senior sixer) on the bus and all of us were singing parodies of songs plus, it was super fun! Once we arrived at our campsite we went to our dorms and all the girls were in the same dorm! After we had made our beds, we went to get our dinner and soon after that we went on a night hike and after that we went back to our dorms to sleep.

Day 2

What we did on the second day is we did our morning routines ( brushing teeth, getting changed etc. ) and then we had our activities and had our breakfast then we did group activities such as the fire activity and the navigation one but we didn't have enough time to do the last activity so we did that the next day. We also had a performance where there was skits and songs and other stuff like that.

 Day 3

On this day we had breakfast then we did the last group activity which is lashing and it was really fun! Then we got packed, got into the bus and left for our homes. I felt that there was a mixture of sadness, happiness and exhaustion whirling inside me! 

 I hope you liked my post! Have you gone on any camps? Have you been in a scout group? Feel free to write comments on my posts.


Jun 26, 2015

Percy's Journey

Hi! This is a story that I wrote for my school.  I hope you like it! 

In the middle of the night Percy ran through the forest. He could hear the leaves crunch below his feet. The sapphire blue light searched for his body. He was covered in mud. Branches snagged his clothes. His heart was racing. Percy didn't know the danger until he entered the forest.
Suddenly, Percy saw a flash and realized that he was in a dark stone cave. He heard someone talking to another person. The voice whispered, "Tonight we shall eat this boy, even if he is thin." Percy heard a laugh and footsteps. The voice was gone. He was so scared. His heart was pounding. He was sweating. He was really nervous.
He tried to find a solution. He saw some crystals that now covered the entrance. "What should I do?" he muttered to himself. There was nothing he could do; he was trapped. He thought there was no hope. What would happen now...?
All of a sudden, Percy saw something shimmering on the floor. He ran towards the object. It was a sword! He thought and thought.... Finally he had an idea. He sliced through the crystals. The light from the moon shone down on him. He breathed in the fresh air. He couldn't believe it. He was free.

I won an award called the 'Golden Goat Award' for the most unusual story.  Can you tell how happy I was?

Please do leave me some comments regarding my story in the comments section below.

Me, Zoe Self


Feb 16, 2015

Valentine's Day!

Hi, I'm sorry I have not done a blog post for so long, but you should be HAPPY, right? Because now I have something to share with you........


I went to my friend's party (for Valentine's Day) and it was very fun! We played games, we decorated cookies, and we got to eat the cookies we decorated!  One of the games we played was Pin the Lips on Mr. and Mrs. Valentine.  My lips went to the tip of Mrs. Valentine's chin.  Somebody pinned the lips to the ear!  That was so funny!

I also made some artwork for my mom,dad, and my brother, Xtremeo! (<this is a link). Here it is!

I think my dad is the best dad ever because he is funny and he is very much like me!

I did this for my mom because she is very caring, kind and gives me cuddles everyday!

This piece is for my brother because he gave me a Pikachu and I love Xtremeo very much!  :)

I hope you like my art work but there is one more piece. My mom made one for me!!!

-from my mom (a.k.a. Buckeroomama - another link!)
Thank you for reading my post! Bye!!

Me, Zoë Self