Sep 25, 2014


At my school I am learning about the human body, so I decided to make a list with facts I found in books that talk about the human body.


From Inside Human Body (by Dr. Aron Bruhn)

  • Unlike most organs in the body, you have two kidneys.  Even if one of them is damaged or removed, your other kidney can keep on doing its job.
  • After you are born, the umbilical cord is tied off and cut. As you grow that stump of tissue becomes a bellybutton.
  • When woman is born she already has all the egg cells she will ever make.
  • People who need glasses have muscles that are either too tight or too loose to allow the lens to focus well.

From Horrid Henry's Bodies (By Francesca Simon)

  • In Victorian times, you'd been told to brush your hair a hundred times a day!
  • A giraffe has such a long tongue (53 cm)  that it can touch its ear.
  • There are 100,000 muscles in an elephant's trunk, while you have only 650 skeletal muscles in your whole body.
  • The brain stops growing at the age of fifteen.
  • Your fingerprints are completely unique; even identical twins have different prints.

Do you like learning learning about the human body? What's your favorite system? My favorite system is the respiratory system. 

Me, Zoe Self

Sep 19, 2014

My Current Top 3 Favorite Songs

1) Rolling in the Deep (Adele) - I like Adele's voice.

2) Birthday (Katy Perry) - I feel happy when I hear this song, maybe because I like birthdays so much!


3) Best Song Ever (One Direction) - I like the bit where Leroy shows the dance steps to what they should do for the movie. It's so funny!

Do you like these songs? What do you like about them? Please tell me!  Please also share with me what songs you like.  Maybe I might like the songs you like, too!

Zoe Self

Sep 18, 2014


This is a test post for my awesome, awesome new blog!

What do you think?  Do you like the background?  The text?  The colors?  Let me know!

Me, Zoe Self